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Deccan Cubing - Hyderabad Speed Cubing Association, a community helping in developing speedcubing in Hyderabad and South India. We shall share all the details and updates regarding WCA competitions especially in Hyderabad. Tips to develop your skills from Cubing to organizing official competitions as well as unofficial competitions in south India. With the support of our members and all awesome cubers from Hyderabad and across India, we hope that we will make a great show always and make a good mark in India .


Deccan Cube Open 2019
Deccan Cube Open 2019 Jul 14th 2019
Geethanjali Cube Open 2019
Geethanjali Cube Open 2019 Jan 26th-27th 2019
KK Charity Open 2018
KK Charity Open 2018 Dec 23rd 2018
Geethanjali Monsoon Open 2018
Geethanjali Monsoon Open 2018 Aug 25th-26th 2018
Varsha Ritu Cube Open 2018
Varsha Ritu Cube Open Jul 8th 2018
Hyderabad Cube Open 2018
Hyderabad Cube Open Mar 31 & Apr 1 2018
Geethanjali Cube Open 2018
Geethanjali Cube Open Jan 21 2018
Deccan Cube Open September'17
Deccan Cube Open September'17 Sep 17, 2017
Deccan Cube Open August'17
Deccan Cube Open August'17 Aug 13, 2017

Telangana State Champions - 2018

Event Name
3x3x3 Harsh Arvind Shelwatkar
2x2x2 Akshaansh Chilakapati
4x4x4 Abhishek Sathyanarayanan
5x5x5 Akshaansh Chilakapati
3x3x3 One-Handed Harsh Arvind Shelwatkar
3x3x3 with Feet Akula Sai Kumar
Megaminx Akula Sai Kumar
Pyraminx Karthik Talluri
3x3x3 Blindfolded Abhishek Sathyanarayanan
Square-1 Karthik Talluri
Skewb Madhav Singh